Outdoor Cooling


High Pressure Misting Fogging System is the economic and the efficient way of Outdoor Cooling.High Pressure Misting Fogging System can cool down outdoor places as much as 15˚C.

High Pressure Misting Fogging System is an efficient method of Evaporative Cooling. Micron sized water droplets (as small as  1µ  0,001mm) generated by High Pressure Misting Fogging Systems tend to evaporate immediately. During the evaporation process of water, bonds between water molecules need to be broken to let the change from liquid phase to gas phase happen. Heat energy, needed to break these bonds between water molecules, is absorbed from the surrounding environment. Resultantly heat energy and temperature are lowered in the related environment.



Misting Fogging Systems can be integrated with Fans. Extra air flow generated by Fans enhance evaporation and evaporative cooling process.

High Pressure Misting Fogging System is essential for comfort and welfare in outdoor areas of Hotels, Malls, Marinas, Restaurants and Sports Fields on hot summer days.