Misting Fogging System


High Pressure Misting Fogging Systems; first purify the water from particles via sedimentation filters. Filtered water is high pressurized (70-100Bar) with the use of High Pressure Pump & Electric Motor Units. Pressurized water is canalised through Polyamide12 Plastic or Stainless Steel tubes that are durable to very high pressures and forced through accurately machined milimetric orifices (0,10mm  0,15mm  0,20mm …) to be sprayed as micron diametered (as small as  1µ  0,001mm) water droplets (mist / fog).

High Pressure Misting Fogging System just requires standard water and electricity connections. Installation and Maintenance are very easy and economic. Operating Costs are way lower compared to other systems being used for similar purposes. High Pressure Misting Fogging System is the most efficient and the most economic solution to many problems in the industry today.


High Pressure Misting Fogging Systems are being extensively used for; Industrial Humidification, Outdoor Cooling, Greenhouse Cooling, Greenhouse Humidifying, Livestock Farm Poultry Cooling & Humidifying, Dust Control & Suppression, Odour Control & Suppression, AC PreCooling, Fruit & Vegetable & Meat & Fish Cooling & Humidification, and many other purposes…