Many industrial applications and processes require additional humidity to enhance efficiency and profitability. High Pressure Misting Fogging System is the ideal solution when higher humidity levels are needed.

Micron sized water droplets (as small as  1µ  0,001mm) generated by High Pressure Misting Fogging Systems evaporate immediately and increase the relative humidity without causing any wetness. Humidification and Humidity Control in large volumes such as production plants and storage facilities and warehouses can be effectively and economically performed by High Pressure Misting Fogging Systems, that are simply automated with integration of Humidity Sensors. HumidificationSystem@Mistanbul#3

Humidification and Humidity Control in Textile Industry, Tobacco Industry, Tea Industry, Wood Industry, Paper Industry and Printing Houses, Paint Shops, Wine Cellars and Mashroom Farms have become very easy and economic with the use of High Pressure Misting Fogging Systems.

Accurate milimetric orifices (0,10mm  0,15mm  0,20mm … 0,70mm) and high pressures (70-100Bar) enable precise results. High Pressure Misting Fogging Systems are also being used to generate controlled moisture content on related objects/surfaces…


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